The Ordering Process


How to order...

Most of my studio work are custom order projects. First a client will contact me by phone, email, or message.  I will ask several questions:

  • Title of the book
  • Author (if known)
  • Year of publication (if known)
  • Type of sculpture desired (Book Sculpture, Closed Book Sculpture, or Illustration Sculpture)

I then locate the book and send client a price quote. If approved, I then purchase the book. Once the book arrives, the fun begins. 

  • Client is sent a deposit invoice of $25 (applied to shipping charges)
  • Book is repaired/prepped if it is an old or damaged book. 
  • Cutting begins
  • Sculpture is mo unted
  • Photos are sent to client for approval
  • Upon approval, sculpture is framed
  • An online invoice is sent for easy payment
  • Framed sculpture is packaged for shipment
  • Sculpture is Shipped!

Most book sculptures take 1 to 3 weeks. Illustrations sculptures take 1 week. Estimated time is dependent on the pending orders and exhibits.